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Trades and donations:
Do you have any extra collectibles in your personal collection that you would like to share with swarleyseeds.com and the community?
we are definitely interested in any unique and rare collectibles for preservation projects to add to the website and for free giveaways for our members.

please feel free to contact me via rockinrandall@gmail.com
for trade and donation inquiries...

Attention SwarleySeeds.com members:
souvenir Collectibles are now available for purchase!

Free Gifts are given with every order placed. The larger the order you place, the larger the Gifts shall be...
*( Gifts are given based on paid items only )

Every 10th customer order made on Swarleyseeds.com will automatically receive an additional Free Complimentary Gift added to their order!

Congratulations to thomas l. out of Santa Cruz, CA for being the most recent 10th customer order! you have been awarded extra Free mixed collectibles and Gifts to your order! 

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if there are Free collectibles available on the website
allow other customers and site members to pick them up as well;
Supplies are available for a limited time.


New Free 10th order pack =
SMall mixed Care Package of Collectibles and gifts!
high quality Pack of:
thai runtz x Mango
(Thai Runtz x Mango bred and created by Brian of canurelief.com)

Free Feminized Pack giveaway
Congratulations to steven B. for being the recent randomly selected winner of our first Fem freebie giveaway!

congratulations to Steven b. out Blackwater, VA for being the randomly selected winner of our free antler pipe drawing for 5-15-22!

free ANtler pipe entries accepted from now until 7-14-22.
upcoming free prize giveaway Drawing on 7-15-22:
i have a special Free gift for anyone interested in
entering a random drawing for a chance to get an awesome custom antler pipe ( $25.00 value! )
simply message me via your SwarleySeeds.com account
and type "Antler 5" to be added to the random drawing list.

There were only 5 entries last drawing, hopefully more members will enter our next Free antler pipe drawing giveaway!

handcrafted antler pipe provided by Brian from Canurelief.com

Antler Prize Giveaway.JPEG